The Hotel Villa Honegg is an exceptional 5-star Superior establishment set in the heart of Switzerland. Perched high above Lake Lucerne and offering exclusive amenities. The spa at the Hotel Villa Honegg is one of the most delightful wellness facilities in Switzerland. Immersed in the 34ÂșC heated outdoor pool, what you experience at any time of year is nothing short of phenomenal, thanks to the views of the mountains and the lake or the sea of clouds in the valley below. The 23 rooms and suites offer plenty of privacy, tranquillity and comfort in a phenomenal mountain setting. Treat yourself to a relaxing and breathtaking panoramic views With its luxurious rooms, heated outdoor pool and panoramic terrace, the Villa Honegg offers guests a wealth of opportunity for unwinding and taking things easy.






See all the beauty that Switzerland has to offer, from the breathtaking view from Hotel Villa Honegg very own infinity pool. Hotel Villa Honegg is a true haven of peace and privacy, set in a remarkable setting. Enjoy!


Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland Hotel Villa Honegg, SwitzerlandHotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland





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