The new J’adore campaign takes us on a journey of the senses to the origins of femininity. Charlize Theron emerges more luminous and whole than ever.





In the beginning, there was woman. J’adore is her incarnation. Charlize Theron, the icon. At the heart of the basic elements, when emotions laid bare are transformed into vital energy, she rediscovers her true nature. Renewed, triumphant, she is reborn into the world.



“The simplicity often hides an extreme sophistication. J’adore is a perfect harmony between former and modern perfumery: the most beautiful essences and natural flower absolutes in a modern writing. No matter how magical it is, J’adore is above all an art of raw material.”




J’adore Eau de Parfum is an invented bouquet, finely crafted down to the last detail, like a custom-made flower. Essence of Ylang-Ylang from the Comoros unfurls its floral-fruity notes and instills a soft exotic touch. Damascus Rose, sophisticated and exuberant, then comes to warm the senses. Last but not least, a duo of Jasmines echo one another in a perfect embrace. Jasmine Grandiflorum from Grasse, the quintessence of a noble floral, exudes its delicate sensuality, tinged with fruit and sun to lend it a jammy character. It works in harmony with the more carnal quality of Indian Jasmine Sambac, “flower of the gods”, with its warm facets of incredibly sensual and enveloping orange blossom.





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