With so many pastel tones, from gorgeous pale pink, mint, dusty and beautiful lemon you can create simple yet chic looks. All these cute tones can easily be combined with basic colors, but you can also stack pastels, in any case you can entertain yourself while combining all these ladylike tones for the ultimate ladylike look. What is even better when it comes to pastels, is the fact that you can wear these timeless pieces over and over again. When it comes to accessories you can add few interesting pieces to make you look chic, but also to enchant your look down from monotony. I absolutely love combining pastels with white, that is one of my favorites, as you can see from the example down here, but in the gallery you can see even more amazing street style pastel looks that might come handy to you, or at least serve as an inspiration. Let me know what look you liked the most.



Style Number 1.


Style Number 2.


Style Number 3.


Style Number 4.


Style Number 5.


Style Number 6.





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