Monica Bellucci, in short I dare to say the true Beauty Goddess, the epitome of true and natural beauty of today. Monica was born in Umbria, Italy where she started her modelling career at the age of 13 by posing for a local photo enthusiast, but not long after that she rose up as a known fashion model in Paris and across in New York City. After she grew up watching famous and some of the sexiest and smartest actresses, who were her inspiration, such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollbrigida, Claudia Cardinale and Anna Magnini, she had ambition for more, which lead her into acting soon after.




She is a great example of a woman driven by her intelligence, as she says: “Beauty is a gift, just like good health” …. “The only thing is not to be proud of being beautiful. Because you didn’t do anything – it was given to you.” This is a woman who is also not intimidated by Hollywood’s obsession with youth, and what is sexier that that? She says: “I don’t stress myself about my looks, I love to laugh, I like being able to lead an interesting life” … “What’s natural is beautiful, and when you’re not you any more, you become a caricature.”




After hearing all this, it doesn’t surprise me at all, why she got picked up as a Bond girl, or as she likes to address it “I’d prefer to be called as a Bond Woman.” Maybe it is little known, but she is first Bond girl ever to actually be older than the Bond actor himself, since she is 4 years older that Daniel Craig. She adds: “After my audition for ( Spectre ) Sam Mendes, director, told me that for the first time he wanted a woman of a similar age to the actor playing Bond. – I told him, he would be a hero among women for casting me.” I actually believe, that his choice also made lots of men happy, because she didn’t get acclaimed as a 007’s sexiest Bond girl, for no reason.




Monica is definitely not a woman to be underestimated, as she is already working on her new movie “Mozart in the Jungle”, but we will also see her at the international film festival of Venice with the movie “On the Milky Road” in the direction of her good friend and famous movie director, Emir Kusturica.




Who dares to explore the most beautiful Monica Belucci gallery, jump down for her best pictures ever, even tho it is hard as hell to decide where she looks prettiest, because when you stand for real life Goddess, every picture is a masterpiece itself.


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