Elegance doesn’t fade away while going to the beach, in fact most women out there still tend to stay as elegant as possible. And how to accomplish elegant beach look, or classy look by the pool? These few simple tricks and examples might come out handy … After picking your heart-beating swimsuit, you need to accessories it, weather with fancy shades, hats, jewelry, statement bags or various beach cover ups and of course vivid nail polishes can also add a doze of chic impressions as well. One thing that comes as a bonus while buying swimsuit/monokini is the fact that you can use after summer season is over, you can easily pair them with jeans, harem pants or skirts. And, for love of God, don’t wear swimsuit/monokini unless you have nice tan, because you don’t want your body to look like a map of New York or Paris, I doubt anyone needs that kind of nightmare. And, just when I thought I mention it all, one thing hits my mind, why of course, Pina Colada … because, summer is much more delicious with it 😉



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