Let me take you to the breathless city of light – Paris. With it’s beautiful architecture and with the symbol of opulence Paris is being one of the most visited cities on the world! And as such, people all around the world rush to witness it’s lavish signature – the Eiffel Tower! This remarkable architecture structure provides you with majestic experience, with it’s light and splendour you will find yourself blessed in front such exquisite and grand miracle. If you wish to visit and to indulge yourself in the city of lights and romance then take a look at this five hotels, that will treat you like a real royalty with the taste of French luxury.


1 – Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris




Four Seasons Hotel George V is located in the heart of the most fashionable quarter of Paris. With it’s nearness of  Champs-Elysees and with the spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower, you will find this graceful hotel full of comfort and luxury. Sophistication and lavish environment inspires with true luxury experience. Enjoy in the finest services, beautiful decor and classic Parisian style at Four Seasons Hotel George V.


2 – Shangri-La Hotel, Paris




Shangri-La Hotel, Paris is one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris. With it’s location in the centre of Paris this bespoke hotel will let you see the City of Lights in it’s finest description. With lights spreading all around you, this sparkling view is one to remember. With it’s classic luxury and exceptional service Shangri-La Hotel, Paris will introduce you with the very best that Paris has to offer!

3 – Hôtel Plaza Athénée




Hôtel Plaza Athénée is famous by their “Signature Eiffel Suites” famous by their classic style and spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Suites are presented in 19th-century Paris style with haute couture decor enchanted with subtle tones and fascinating interior. It has everything needed to dazzle it’s guests, and one of  their well known guests was even Carrie Bradshaw, I am sure Sex and the City fans remember how trilled Carrie was for the first time when she saw the Eiffel Tower. This elegant hotel with classic Parisian decor and style will for sure acquire your attention with it’s nearness of Champs-Elysées and Eiffel Tower.



4 – Hotel Balzac Paris




Hotel Balzac Paris is one of the most extraordinary deluxe boutique hotels in Paris 8th endorsement. Hotel Balzac Paris is a shining example of Parisian chic. This historic 4-star luxury boutique hotel is a perfect blend of the elegant and the modern with personalized services and the latest in modern technologies.Brilliantly located in a quiet yet central location overlooking Champs Elysées in an area known as the epicenter of Paris’ romantic literary movement, the hotel is near the Arc de Triomphe, rue Fauborg Saint-Honoré, the avenue Montaigne and the city’s financial district La Défense as well as most luxury designer shops and restaurants.

5 – Le Meurice Paris




Le Meurice Hotel, is one of the most famous world hotels that attract plenty of celebrities. It is one of the rap world’s favourite hotels since Jay-Z and Kanye West even recorded here. Surrounded by the world’s most distinctive fashion houses and with it’s splendid view to the lights of Eiffel Tower it doesn’t surprise why it is also favorite among the fashion crowd since Vogue chief Anna Wintour and model Kate Moss are regulars. Luxury and plenty of history together with spectacular suite on the seventh floor with it’s stretching view to the Eiffel Tower make Le Meurice Hotel distinct and absolutely worth visiting!



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