Brazilian beauty and Victoria’s Secret bombshell, Izabel Goulart, has an absolutely amazing Instagram profile full of motivational fitness videos. Her aim is to share the importance of everyday practice, and she does it through her own Instagram hashtag #BodyByIza. We all know how important it is for our body and also for our mental health to practice, but we too often get lazy to move ourselves ( I tried to stay decent here without saying something else 🙂 ). So, just in case you need something to push you in order to move yourself to the gym, here is plenty of inspiration for you. And remember, good looking body doesn’t come free of charge, and she is such a great example of a person who sees the value in everyday workout. On her feed you can get a glimpse of her fitness and gym moves, followed with plenty of brilliant inspirational quotes. And for those of you who don’t know, she is now 31, and she couldn’t look any better then she is now, so what is your excuse not to exercise?




“Let’s workout everyone!!! Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. Don’t wish for it. work for it!!”





“I have a series of exercises in which I do a lot of core. I enjoy an ab workout. I practice every day and do many different types. Now I have it all together, and I guarantee that between two and three months of practice, anyone can do it.”





“Strengths!! Focus!! Motivation!! Let’s workout everyone!!”




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