So, it seems now days grey hair isn’t something you should hide, but on contrary, with this new grey-silver hair trend, it is something you should encourage. Silver and grey hair hues are taking over all other shades, believe it or not. And, some examples of it are in deed beautiful ( on my surprise ). Plenty of celebs have been spotted sporting gorgeous grey locks, while the catwalks are teaming with grey-haired beauties. Before you even decide to do anything with your hear, it is smart to take a look at how it’s done, and these beautiful hair transformation examples into grey-silver are absolutely amazing, and they have been done by great Lebanon hair stylist called Mouniiiir. I highly suggest you to take a look at his amazing work at his Instagram profile @Mouniiiir.






Celebrity Hair stylist and British Hairdresser of the Year Nominee Jamie Stevens agrees that grey hair is the way to go this season, and look at what he has to say about this new grey-silver hair tend …

“Grey is the new blonde!! We can’t wait to see this hot trend hitting the catwalks and high streets this season. Model Soo Joo Park is one of my favourites when it comes to the revival of grey tones. If you are looking for a change and want to experiment with different shades or tones then this is the perfect look for you. This experimental colour has minimal commitment and will wash out of the hair gradually during a period of two to four weeks depending on the depth of grey reflects.”


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Video & Photo Source : mouniiiir

Now take a look at some beautiful examples from Pinterest …



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