Summer is at the door, and what is more refreshing than a floral dresses. That is why Dolce & Gabanna created a collection which brings the essence of spring – summer into the cities with charming prints. And, some of their fabulous designs inspired me to create beautiful summer looks with some of their finest dresses. Without a doubt each one of these dresses is a true master piece, so playing around with them was really interesting. Here you can see five ways how to wear floral dresses.




Bring the essence of spring into your wardrobe with charming wildflower prints … This look is majestic!




Since everything is blooming with flowers, why not make your style bloom also with the most gorgeous ladylike daisy prints.



They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” or perhaps make limoncello. But this summer, the mantra changes even more becoming: “when life gives you lemons, wear them!” And this look is all about lemons!




White and purple stretch silk wisteria print dress from Dolce & Gabbana makes this dress ideal for romantic dates. Love it!




The daisy is one of the highest expressions of the perfection of Nature: so simple, yet so beautiful. That’s why Dolce&Gabbana chooses the daisy, with its simple perfection and quintessential Spring flower to launch the Summer 2016 collection.





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