One of the ways to make your way to the golden Ferrari 458 Spider is to fight it, and he literally did that. Riyadh Al Azzawi started kick boxing in his early teenage years in his native Irak. He definitely took it seriously since his career lead him really fast over to UK. It is when his biggest achievements started to hit on. He has fought five times for the World Championship belt with four out of the five wins, this among others great accomplishments made him obtain his favorite golden Ferrari, because he has a number of other cars. To make it even more obvious that this golden Ferrari is his favorite – he highlighted it with unique plate number ”F1 1RAK”, which stands for Fi Irak and in Arabic it means ”In Irak”. Riyadh is an great example of how persistence can bring success and great lifestyle if you keep doing what is needed and he definitely did what was most important for it.


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