WOW!!! Yea, that was my reaction when I saw these cute Sophia Webster heels for the first time. Every girl out there once in her lifetime dreamt of heavenly beautiful heels, well guess what – Sophia Webster actually made our dreams come true, since these angelic heals can for real transfer you to the heavenly realms. These Evangeline beauties will not only enchant your look, but they will also awake the inner goddess in you with it’s majestic wing.



Kitty has her eye on the ‘Evangeline’ sandals for herself! 🙂


Sophia Webster’s Evangeline heels have captured the hearts of so many, they are definitely heels worth to posses, and thankfully they come in few gorgeous variations – and to be honest it is so hard to pick only one… but hey, for a real shopaholic it’s nothing, you can simply get each one of them. Am I right? So, if you ever wish to add a touch of playfulness to your look, then these 3D angel wings will be the one for you!




Photo Source : Sophia Webster





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