To travel all around the world is one of the greatest pleasures one can have. And Russian photographer Murad Osmann is enjoying exactly that. He travels all around the world with his handsome girlfriend Nataly. Their traveling adventure started back in 2011. while visiting Barcelona. Nataly was annoyed with her boyfriends need to take a photo of everything, that is reason why she grabbed his hand and started leading the way. Since then until today his girlfriend is leading us to the most amazing places on the earth. Their journey is full of romantic moments, exotic adventures and many other stunning places one can only wish to visit. What makes this set of amazing photos even more intriguing is the fact that so far we couldn’t see face of his girlfriend, which adds a doze of mystique to his series of photos called “Follow Me”. Their “Follow Me” adventures definitely entertain us that is reason why his photos got our attention. So far we had a chance to see them on the most astonishing locations around the world, and it is best if you check it out yourself. I am sure there is more to come from this entertaining couple, let’s see what will be their next location.




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