Take a deep breath before you scroll down because you are about to witness the highlight of a provocative woman lifestyle caught in the action. And all that thanks to the most amazing photographer that makes every woman look absolutely alluring, absolutely sexy and absolutely provocative. His name is Dmitriy Plyusnin also known as dplyusnin, this young photographer comes from Russia and what he does with photography is beyond imaginable. His work is truly majestic, and main reason for it is because he makes every woman under his lens absolutely provocative.



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Whit an attention to details and with always luxurious background he makes a scenario one can hardly forget about. That is the reason why we can always see him in different locations shooting some of the sexiest jetset women. Moscow, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, NYC, Miami, Dubai, Ibiza or any other fabulous place. When it comes to these photos, they were all made in the enchanting south of France and dplyusnin couldn’t done this better. His photos are truly unique with a constant need to make every woman provocative and in that he is being absolutely the best. If you wish to know more about his work then I suggest you to follow his Instagram profile @dplyusnin and make sure of it yourself. Also, don’t miss a chance to follow his beautiful model Nady.

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