In the last few years we can see the rise of Instagram beauties. These girls make their own way for people to get to know them just by sharing super cool images over Instagram. Today we will share with you top 5 provocative women.

Viki Odinctova –  Have now over 2,1 million followers who heart her every move as she travels all around the world, and luckely for her fans she always comes up with the most gorgeous selfies. With that hot looking body she isn’t shy at all to make the most provocative photos. You can follow her here.



Svetlana Bilyalova – Is one of the cutest and most funniest Instagram models to follow. Her 3.4 million followers definitely enjoys her hot looking body and always provocative images. On her profile you will find out plenty of gym photos and loads of interesting images that will make you figure out that this girl knows how to have fun while modeling. You can follow her here.





Nita Kuzmina – This half Russian, half Indian model have absolutely provocative profile. All her images show her stunningly beautiful figure, and her exotic face attracts even more people to her profile that now counts over 1,1 million followers. Her beautiful range of luxurious photos will make you adore her profile, she can be seen in the most beautiful dresses or while driving the most luxurious cars. You can follow her here.




Anyuta Rai –  Her Instagram profile now counts 1,9 million followers, and is full of most amazing images made all around the world, as she goes from one exotic place to another she indulges her fans with beautiful images. She can often be seen while posing in the most beautiful dresses, but there are also photos of her in gym, because hot body like that demands practice also. You can follow her here.




Olesya Malinskaya –  Besides her flawless body and beautiful face, knows how to deal with business also. This gorgeous Russian girl, once a model and today successful designer, runs her own fashion house called “Malini” and her designs are absolutely flawless, the dresses she makes are pure perfection for any provocative girl. We can also see her on the most beautiful and tropical places, from which she loves to share the most amazing photos. You can follow her here.







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